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Told us HWA will call us in 2 3 days once it goes through the authorization department. Read More!
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In some cases, parts may need to be ordered and additional visits may be needed to complete the repair or replacement. Read More!
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We will cancel it this year!I am an HVAC contractor and have worked for most of the home warranty companies over the years. Read More!

home warranty insurance reviews

After introductions, I watched David as he went the extra step and explained every step of his trouble shooting process. I learned quite a few new things about our home a/c. The problem was diagnosed quite quickly, he had the parts in his van and the A/C was back up and running fine again. They were on time, really courteous, and professional. He was dispatched by the Choice Home Warranty whom I had placed a claim early this same day. They contacted Fire and Ice Heating and Cooling asked if they could work us into his schedule today and they did. Read More

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Your systems and appliances may be in good working order today, but sooner or later, everything wears out. Even with perfect maintenance, nothing lasts forever. When your system or appliance breaks down, you could spend hundreds or thousands to repair or replace it, potentially causing a serious financial setback. Or, you can have it covered by your home warranty for just the cost of a service call. With these predictable costs, a home warranty service contract allows you to control the cost of home repairs. Rather than spending money on surprise repairs or replacements of systems and appliances, you can rest easy knowing that it’s all taken care of with your annual service contract fee and low cost service call fee.
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home warranty insurance reviews

If the system or appliance failed because it wasn’t maintained the water heater was not flushed or the fridge’s evaporative coils were not cleaned, most home warranty contracts will not cover the cost to repair or replace it.

  • home warranty insurance reviews

    We'd hoped this would alleviate stress and unexpected expenses, but instead it has only added stress to our lives.

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    Your problems are solved.

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    I have always felt since you're purchasing insurance to cover a certain kind of issue and paying a premium to do so, then why is it necessary to pay additional amounts for the service you have the insurance for?It's just like having dental insurance that you pay a $500.

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