hsa home warranty coverage and cost

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I was at work and I called AHS to submit my claim because I did not have my information at that time to log in. Read More!
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On the little things, you self insure. Read More!
home warranty insurance cost are home warranty plans worth the cost
Refused to overnight the part or speed up this process in any way. Read More!

hsa home warranty coverage and cost

You can self insure through your DVD player breaking. Read More

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They were without water for almost 4 days waiting on the guy to show up. When he did not only was he not very professional he seemed to be very new to the trade and didn't know what he was doing. He ended up causing more problems than they started with and FORGOT to turn off the water to their garage apartment before he left for the evening and the next day the apartment was flooded which created a whole new slew of issues of having to replace carpet, sheet rock and molding. No thank you I don't need someone coming into my home and creating additional problems. We recently purchased our first home which was built in the 1920's. The age of the house along with my husband being away from home at least 60 hours a week and having a newborn + a 2 year old prompted us to purchase a plan through AHS.
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hsa home warranty coverage and cost

I thought the article on home warranties was fairly useless.

  • hsa home warranty coverage and cost

    My wife and I first had AHS coverage as we purchased homes in the past paid for by the original owner for a year.

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    Sometimes the companies are good, mostly they are not.

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    If they determine your equipment requires replacement, your new appliance or system will be covered for the same low service call fee as you would with a repair service.

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